The Future of OMS Anesthesia will be decided in the next session of the Texas Legislature!

Working through TOMSPAC, Texas oral and maxillofacial surgeons have a small but important window of opportunity to develop and financially support a campaign that will educate Texas legislators, third party payers and insurance companies, and other strategic partners about the:

Specialty’s in-depth residency-based anesthesia training;

  • Lifelong learning required by every OMS;
  • Office Anesthesia Evaluation conducted every five years;
  • OMS Anesthesia Team’s outstanding safety record; and
  • Specialty’s exceptional level of patient satisfaction.
Contact Your State Representative:
Do you have a relationship with your district’s state representative? Invite them to tour your office. Take them to lunch and explain how oral and maxillofacial surgery differs from general dentistry and other dental specialties. Is your representative running for office? TOMSPAC may be able to contribute to their campaign. Please contact TSOMS Executive Director Kelly Ann Shy at
[email protected] for assistance in scheduling office tours, meetings, and campaign contributions.


Support the Specialty and Your OMS Practice!
Donate to TOMSPAC today!
Download and complete the following form. Fax it to 210-888-1363, or email it to [email protected]g

We request that every OMS in Texas make an immediate, minimum donation of between $1,500 and $2,000 in hard funds to the TOMSPAC. 
This will be a lengthy, protracted campaign. Please consider pledging an additional monthly commitment of between $50 and $100, or whatever you can provide. Contact Kelly Parker, TSOMS Government Affairs Director, at [email protected] for more information.

The Texas Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Political Action Committee (TOMSPAC®) is the political action committee representing oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Texas. TOMSPAC’s purpose is to advocate on behalf of its constituency to state legislators and public officials in support of the specialty and patient safety.

  • Brian H. Stone, DDS, MD, Chair
  • Clay Fuselier, DDS, MD
  • Vernon Burke, DMD, MD
  • Wendell A. Edgin, DDS
  • Dave Grogan, DDS, MSD
  • George “Clint” Barrett, DDS, MD
  • William Jordan, III, DDS
  • Raymond L. Wiggins, DDS, MD
  • A. Colby Tiner, Campaign Treasurer

The general membership approved a mandatory advocacy fee for the Active/Provisional Membership in the amount of $200.00.  Although the advocacy fee is mandatory, you are able to designate how you wish this fee to be utilized.  Your options include general administrative account and/or the TOMSPAC account.   

We encourage you to speak with any of the members of the TOMSPAC Committee to obtain additional information.

Do you have a relationship with a legislator? Tell us about it! 

Colby may be reached via email at:
[email protected]